A Job as a Tattoo Artist

Tattoos have always been popular but now they are more mainstream than ever, millions of people have them! There are exhibitions and special events completely dedicated to the love of art and all things tattoo related.

There has also been a huge increase in the amount of alt / tattoo models, these are men and women … with tattoos … that model! There are facebook pages with hundreds of thousands of fans completely dedicated to this niche.

Some of the most popular facebook pages and websites though are completely dedicated to pictures of the best cool tattoo designs and ideas, ¬†where people can scan through all of the amazing (and not so amazing) tattoos and find which ones they love. They can then “Like” them or share them with their friends and best of all take the ideas into their favourite tattoo studio and get something similar tattooed! A popular tattoo for men and women is a lion head and face tattoo design, this is to symbolize strength and power as well as just being really nice to look at!

Gone are the days when people didn’t approve of tattoos or they carried some kind of stereotype, it is now (as it has always been) simply a type of self expression which has been embraced fully by our modern culture. Also special types of tattoos like dog memorial portrait or paw print tattoo designs are a comfort to owners, friends and family of deceased loved ones.

Now is a great time to get into the tattoo industry and become a tattoo artist, model, photographer or promoter!

That’s How You Sell Cupcakes

cupcakesCupcakes have boomed massively over the past few years! Some say the craze may have started from the girls on Sex in the City eating at Magnolia Bakery, others think that it may just be peoples love of sweet treats that set it off. What ever the case may be, now is a great time to turn a hobby into a business and make some extra money on the side or quit your day job altogether. Starting a cupcake business can give you the freedom everybody desires and also gives you the opportunity to make money online from home.

Obviously you need to be a very competent baker and have an eye for aesthetics, then it’s all about practice and drumming up business. One of the best and easiest ways to generate a buzz and increase the visibility of your new business it to have a website showcasing your cupcakes. It’s vital to have a professional cupcake website design if you plan on being taken seriously and grab the attention of the big corporate clients out there. You will also have the choice of working from home or taking the plunge and rent a shop! Remember there are lots of guidelines, laws and regulations for both types of business, make sure you know about all of these as the consequences could be very serious. One of the most important pieces of equipment that you’re going to need for your business is a mixer. A KitchenAid Artisan food mixer is one of the best on the market and you can find out why you should have one here.

Get a Job Dying Red Hair

Red hair has long been a very uncommon hair color but today it’s more popular than ever. Jessica Rabbit is one persona that has the most famous red heads. Along with her eminent gleaming red outfit and red lipstick, the red hair accented her whole personality and made her every guy’s dream woman, although she was simply a cartoon!

Only a very small percentage of the people have this gene of natural red hair. It is usually more of an orange / blonde color. For many people the hair color changes as they age however for some it stays. Should you wish to, now there are hair dyes offered that will permit you to dye your hair this color. Girls who have pale skin frequently use that. It is a secure option to opt for should you not want to attract a lot of focus on yourself with a bright red hair color. That is because it’s certainly a far more normal look.


When selecting a red hair color, skin tone plays a huge role. You may end up with a color that doesn’t suit you in any respect, should you select the wrong dye. If you haven’t dyed your hair before then you must visit a hair dresser in a salon to get their expert advice on what color you need to choose. You’ll be able to dye a small part of you hair to get an idea of what it will look like. That is true if you’re still uncertain concerning the end result. This is definitely better than going straight ahead and dying everything only to find that you don’t want it.

Coupled with red lipstick and dark mascara for a dramatic look, dark red hair shades work very well for darker skin color. The shine of the red hair becomes a lot more evident when you have tanned or dark skin. Having said this, bright red hair looks incredible if you have darker skin, many superstars have got this approach and really made an effect with their remarkable red hair.

It’s tough to determine what one will be good for you when choosing an excellent hair dye color. There are so many different red hair dyes to choose from. With so many fashion companies making lots of different hair dyes the best thing to do is read and watch as numerous evaluations as possible. What might work well on one persons hair may not work on others and the other way around. Everybody’s hair is distinct.

Remember having dyed red hair could make you truly stand out from the crowd and bring attention, if this isn’t what you would like then maybe you should think about another color!

Make Your House Safe With a Quality Roof

Probably the most significant elements in your home would be the roof, for those who have inadequately looked after their roofing you are in for some actual difficulties with regards to leakages as well as moist ailments. It will eventually produce complications inside the house that will call for even more funds to be put in to acheive the issue reconciled.

Roofing Manchester

It’s well known that the United Kingdom is harsh in the winter as well as wet country in general, it really is necessary to achieve the ideal roof covering as well as guttering that you could pay for! The Trafford roofing corporation named Ringlow Roofing tend to be a wonderful choice for all forms or roof fixes, they have a long time regarding knowledge using a excellent popularity! Together with possessing a top quality ceiling it is also vital to keep the guttering nicely looked after seeing that this tends to furthermore produce leakages as well as allow cold into the home. Getting a team of roofing contractors in Worsley is your best bet if you think you have a problem with your property.